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13th - 18th October 2018


Join Paul for this extraordinary retreat in Mustang, Nepal. 

Immerse yourself in this stunning location, without distraction, and embark on a journey of exploration, where the camera is the vehicle for learning to understand, work and play with light in all its aspects. Light, in all its manifestations, is at the heart and structure of life and the universe we live in. 

High in the Himalayas, light filters along the narrow cobbled streets and ancient mud temples of the peacefully haunting medieval village of Kagbeni, our home for this extraordinary photography retreat. This 6-day retreat will take place in one of the most beautiful and remote areas of world, against the backdrop of the stunning Annapurna mountain range. Here in this area of high desert, the landscape is dramatic, expansive and awe-inspiring.

Paul will take you on a journey where the camera is the vehicle for learning to understand, work and play with light in all its aspects. This is a journey away from the demands and noise of daily life, a time to truly immerse in a setting of dramatic nature without distraction. 

The energy of this isolated place is as pure as the light quality here, with bright and clear blue skies most days at this time of the year. 

Photography as meditation.

What is life but the exchange of energy from one form to another?

What is love but the conscious awareness of the true connection between all that is.

What is light? The giver of all life and the great communicator.

What is sound? The energy and geometries that it releases.

What is time? Where do we place it and how do we see it.

All is frequency. 

The camera is the perfect vehicle to learn how to play with these elements capturing images  of interactions beyond what we cannot physically perceive.

The beautiful rarified location of the retreat has all the power of limitation, giving less obstacles to focusing on in depth connection between our selves and what we are relating too.

What are we but the physical manifestation of the expanding consciousness of creation.

The aim will be to capture and return with images that like mandalas become a meditation focus point, culminating with an image that expresses the new awareness of our own energy signature and how it interrelates with other energies such as say the landscape, using what we have learnt in how to play with light time and focus as tools our creative soul.    

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