Desert Skies

In December I travelled to Sedona, USA with Brainstorm and Director Martin Codd to shoot a series of films for the launch of the new Range Rover Discovery Sport. The stunning Arizona desert and the red earth and mountains of Sedona, provided a beautiful backdrop and stage making the job of filming really enjoyable. Fresh mountain lion foot prints around production base kept us on our toes! Short days, fast moving light and new restrictions of the use of drones created their own challenges, however we had a great team working with us and the clients were thrilled with the results. After landing back in the UK we went straight into a shoot for the new Rolls Royce Ghost Series II on location in Notting Hill. It was an interesting concept, using projected moving images to light the car, giving the impression that the car is dreaming of being on the open road, while alone in the garage, alone from any human presence. The images illustrated the new technical developments and safety features: seeing around corners, infrared vision etc, while parked in a darkened garage. The car is yet to be released.

Paul Barton